Preventing Patients from Becoming Plaintiffs®

Our ability to mitigate losses stems from our strategy of addressing bad outcomes as soon as they occur. The sooner we become aware of an incident, the sooner our claims experts can begin collecting documents and speaking with the involved parties when their recollection of the incident is fresh and clear. From there, our claims examiners can guide and coach our insureds to handle the situation with caution and professionalism, and in a manner that does not expose them to further liability.

How it works:
We respond early. We gather information when it is still relevant. We collect documentation before it has been altered, lost or destroyed. We provide emotional support to our insured at the time of the incident. The physician transfers the burden of the incident to HPIX, so he or she can begin feeling better, and remain focused on providing quality care. 86% of incidents that are early reported to HPIX are resolved before a formal lawsuit is filed. HPIX’s average incurred loss and expenses are 33% less than the average incurred by professional medical liability insurers reporting to the PIAA Data Sharing Project. Thanks to early reporting and early intervention, HPIX has spared hundreds of physicians from having to report to the National Practitioner Data Bank by resolving incidents before formal claims were brought.

Real Life Example: Early Reporting Case Study