No one likes the thought of having to report a claim, but HPIX is committed to making the process as painless as possible. Please contact us immediately upon receipt of a claim letter or legal papers of any kind rather than simply mailing or faxing these documents.


Claims Reporting Hot Line - Toll Free (800) 597-9603


HPIX is dedicated to Early Reporting and Early Resolution of incidents and claims. Our goal is to address adverse outcomes as quickly as possible, whether by counseling our insureds, speaking directly with patients, or by complete resolution of a situation before the patient becomes a claimant.

Please report incidents at the time they become known. The Claims Department is available to answer questions regarding practice risks or scenarios that might lead to new risks. If need be, we can refer matters to our risk management consultants who can provide more detailed assessment and advice.


Preventing Patients from Becoming Plaintiffs®